Innovative Oil De-sulfurization Project Roll Out

Morningside along with US-based partners are assisting with technology validation and project roll-out of new disruptive new de-sulfurization process for crude oil and refined oil products. Our consortium is assisting a US-based start-up secure commercial validation with the help of major engineering firms and EPC contractors. The disruptive technology dramatically reduces the cost of producing lower sulfur content in both crude oil and refined products. One major application is the global marine fuel market that will be forced starting from the Year 2020 to switch to low sulfur marine fuel. Morningside and Back Bay Group have secured exclusive rights to use the technology in major markets, starting with the Middle East and Africa region. 

  • Role of Morningside. Morningside has devised a strategy for helping with project de-risking, starting with the commercial validation of the new technology. It has also developed a model business plan for each project to be developed using the innovative technology.
  • Project status: several project opportunities in countries producing heavy crude have been identified. Consortium is currently in discussions with investors and EPC contractors.